Image of Sunset Seduction


Image of Sunset Seduction

SUNSET SEDUCTION (4.5) by Charlene Sands: Audrey Faith Thomas has loved Lucas Slade most of her life, but since he is her big brother’s best friend, he is off limits. That is, until she slips into his bed for one forbidden night. Weeks later she shows up on his ranch ready to face the music, only to find he has no idea what happened. He offers her a job. When a moonlight swim turns into a torrid night, Luke’s memory comes back in a snap and he puts distance between them — until he finds out Audrey is pregnant. He becomes determined to convince her that they belong together for more than the baby’s sake. Sands’ very talented pen turns out a tale of love, belonging and self-esteem, all without sacrificing romance.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper