Jesse Kellerman, the son of crime novelists Jonathan and Faye, treats readers to captivating intrigue in his debut novel.Scintillating twists make this a
mesmerizing, noir-style psychological thriller. The pace never falters as the
tension builds.

Carl Perreira, a L.A. small business owner, takes a trip to Mexico that doesn't go as planned. His dedicated secretary, Gloria Mendez follows him to Mexico after he leaves her a voice mail saying that he has been in an accident and will call, but never does.

When Gloria gets to Mexico, she learns that Carl is dead, and, in accordance with Mexican law, was cremated. But something's not right, and she calls on an L.A. police detective to help her learn the truth about Carl. When disturbing facts come to light, Gloria goes back to Mexico with Carlos, a man who claims to be Carl's son.

Soon, Gloria is filling in pieces of the puzzle about a man she never really knew, even as she faces the demons in her own life.

(Jan., 384 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick