Image of Superb and Sexy (Sky High Air, Book 3)


Image of Superb and Sexy (Sky High Air, Book 3)

This third Sky High Air book differs from its predecessors in that its setting is not an airport. Brief cameos by previous characters, and the clashing of the defiant, sassy heroine and the brooding, obstinate hero should
please and entertain. Shalvis includes mild suspense, mistaken identity and spur-of-the-moment lovemaking to round out the story.

While recovering from being shot, Sky High Air receptionist Maddie's twin sister comes to her for help -- and to work out a disappearing plan they devised years ago but that Maddie executed alone.

But pilot Brody West interferes before they get organized, and a comedy of errors has Maddie and Brody flying right back into her past to face what she left so long ago.

In hopes that they are not too late to save her sister from a life no one should endure, Maddie is forced to redefine both the life that she ran from years ago and the life she is trying to run from now. And where does Brody fit into it -- if at all? (Brava, Jun., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen