Image of Supernatural


Image of Supernatural

Zebra is serving up just what the doctor ordered for your supernaturalfix, as four of today’s hottest paranormal romance stars deliver the goods! This talented quartet shares new short stories based in their popular worlds and featuring very engaging protagonists. For fans of these authors this is a must-read edition!

Ione kicks things off with “Vampire Fight Club,” which sends nurse and shapeshifter Vladlena undercover following a trail of violence that leads to a vampire bar run by the sexy and dangerous Nathan Sabine. “Darkness Eternal,” from Ivy, picks up the story of long-imprisoned Gypsy Kata, whose soul is dragged to hell because of her connection to her evil vampire sister. Her only hope may lie with smoldering vampire Uriel. In “Kane,” Frank fleshes out a story touched on in previous Nightwalker books by following the forbidden romance of demon “Kane” and the human Corrine.Aiken delivers “Dragon on Top,” featuring high-born dragon Bram the Merciful as he attempts to pursue a diplomatic mission from his queen and seduce Ghleanna, the female dragon warrior he has lusted after. (ZEBRA, Sep., 354 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith