Scott’s latest self-published work is a fast-paced tale that successfully combines paranormal, contemporary and romantic elements. Right from the start, readers are thrust into the action as the heroine and her gal pals find themselves mixing it up with a super-secret agency intent on saving the world.

Gage Deveraux, a member of Team Indigo, a secret government team with special powers, was supposed to destroy an ancient amulet with mystical powers, but his mission was cut short. After receiving his possessions, his sister Caitlyn finds what she thinks is a Middle Eastern trinket. When it is stolen she discovers that the FBI and Team Indigo are after it, as is a shadowy power-hungry general. Learning that she shares Gage’s ability to teleport and turn invisible, Caitlyn returns to her rural Arizona tribal roots to learn more. With the military descending on the village, and the mysterious Jacob Littlejohn shadowing her, Caitlyn and her companions join forces with Team Indigo and her tribal friends to gain access to a secret subterranean world (TORI.SCOTT.BLOGSPOT.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice