Looking for a new author? Go no further-Ms. McKnight's fresh talent breezes onto the scene and into your heart. It fits like a favorite glove.

Meet Billie Bahill, recently jilted, decidedly pregnant and mad enough to go after the only man who makes her happy. She's about to do so when Sam Grey, an Arizona Ranger, arrives on her father's doorstep.

She's not going to let a shocking attraction sway her from her goal of saving her own pride and her child's chance at legitimacy. Sam, spurred by a bitter past, has his own agenda-until fate throws them together in the middle of the most treacherous territory in the West.

Once he realizes it's Billie beneath that crazy get-up, Sam cannot let her go. Bound by circumstances, their clash of wills thunders through the hills before a rumored gold mine, a missing fianc and a band of murdering thieves arrive to make Billie and Sam fight for what truly counts. Billie, for all her talent at hiding, is finally stripped right down to her bare heart.

Delicious romance, inspired setting and righteous characters make a divine excuse for forgetting to do the laundry. Ms. McKnight revives a good old-fashioned plot with her talent for using the perfect words.

A must-read! SENSUAL (July, 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black