Dr. Katherine Winters is outraged when shes passed over for promotion to chief-of-staff and the job is given to an outside applicant, Dr. Thomas Baker. Despite Dr. Bakers handsome face and devastating charm, Katherines not about to let some slick Willie destroy all her good work. She put the hospital in the black and created a sense of unity and family among the staff. But shes not prepared for the strong attraction she feels for Thomas or that shes actually starting to like the man as well.

Thomas has prepared himself for the backlash of replacing a competent acting chief of staff who should have gotten the job. After meeting with Katherine, hes also convinced shes the woman with whom he wants to spend his life.

His biggest challenge is to convince her of the same. Despite their rocky beginning, Thomas realizes Katherine has a soft spot for him, too. His courtship is going according to plan until he starts his fund-raising with the Sisters of Charitya group of rich, beautiful women who are determined to buy his good favor with their charitable donations.

Ms. Wright has written an exciting page-turner against the intense backdrop of a big city hospitals emergency room. With a delicate blend of humor, romance and drama, A SURE THING is just thata sure thing.(Oct., 282 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson