It’s pirates yo ho ho in Grant’s latest futuristic adventure. Combining rival clans, treachery and star-crossed love, Grant gives readers plenty to sink their teeth into. Although the story covers a number of years, the pace is quick and packed with emotion and drama. Grant’s skill at rounding out all her characters always makes her story sing!

For generations, pirate clans living in the asteroid belt known as the Channels have eked out a living by raiding ships carrying the minerals vital to the intergalactic war being fought elsewhere. Regrettably, instead of working together, the clans have battled. But now Dake Sureblood, the new clan leader, has visions of cooperation. When during a competing raid, Dake saves the life of Valeeya Blue, her father Conn invites the Surebloods to join forces. Dake and Val’s attraction is red hot and undeniable. Sadly there is sabotage and treachery afoot. Can they find a way to reveal the truth and fight back? (HQN, Aug., 376 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith