Be prepared to have your heart race and your pulse pound, as Tess Gerritsen takes you on a trip to the nightmare world of THE SURGEON. If it's high-voltage suspense you're after, you've found the right book!

Several years ago, after barely escaping from the grasp of a serial killer in Savannah, Dr. Catherine Cordell killed the murderer and then moved to Boston to start a new life.

Now, in tranquil Boston, the Savannah killings begin again. Police detectives, Thomas Moore and Jane Rizzoli, manage to uncover the connection between the Savannah and Boston murders: Catherine.

She is in shock, numbed by the realization that the nightmare she thought was over has followed her to Boston. Worse, the police, who have dubbed the killer the Surgeon, are beginning to suspect about Catherine herself.

As the Surgeon steps up his killing spree, he torments Catherine, stalking her daily life but somehow remaining invisible until he kills.

(Aug., 368 pp., $7.99 - Hardcover published September 2001.)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg