Image of The Surgeon's Surprise Twins


Image of The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

THE SURGEON’S SURPRISE TWINS (4.5) by Jacqueline Diamond: Dr. Owen Tartikoff has been duped by his brother and sister-in-law. Though he voluntarily donated his sperm to help them conceive, it turns out they’re also using a surrogate, nurse Bailey Wayne, to carry the baby. On top of that, they’ve sublet half his house to Bailey, to make up for not paying her medical bills. Somebody has to look out for the feisty mom-to-be and the irascible surgeon is ready to step up to the plate, especially when it becomes apparent that his brother is involved in illegal dealings that could jeopardize everything. A hero with hidden depths, a sharp-tongued heroine and family problems combine in a first-rate page-turner.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper