Tess Delacourte has avoided her father's house for years because of Cole Andrews. Her last encounter with him made her feel things that she wasn't ready to feel. After promising to spend the week with her father, she arrives to find not him but Cole.

Cole feels he's waited long enough for Tess to come to him. Now she is his, with her father's blessing. Cole knows what Tess wants and needs and thinks he's just the man to give it to her. He teaches her about her own desires and body and how to satisfy him. When Tess' mother shows up at an inopportune time, Tess refuses to leave with her and admits that she's in love. But when Cole doesn't come to her that evening, Tess begins to have doubts. Will Cole come back? And does he love her the way she loves him?

This is a journey into the world of bondage and submission--and what a journey it is! More than a story about a woman submitting to a man, it's the story of a woman's discovery of the joy she receives at the hands of the man she loves. Leigh is an expert storyteller whose talent is not to be missed. (dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager