In "The Dance," Asia Drake has lost her job due to outsourcing. Angry as hell, she is equally sexually aroused. No worries -- her drawer of toys is well stocked, and she'll have more time to engage in her bondage fantasies. Fantasies ... dreams ... wait a second, what's going on? She's no longer in her bedroom, she's on the mysterious Surrender Island. And she's with a man who binds her with handcuffs and lets her know that he's come for her.

In "The Mask," Ferren Cooper is a successful porn model, but she won't allow herself to be pushed beyond her self-imposed limits. Her boss, Richard Witson, on the other hand, has other plans for Ferren, which change her life completely. She is now on Surrender Island, and the man who's "bought" her is about to perform duties for his yet-unnamed boss. He's going to push the envelope, pushing ever harder against anything Ferren would not do. Ferren finds this far worse than any photo or video shoot she's ever done.

In Harper's first print book, Surrender Island caters to the whims of men who have their own set of rules for the bedroom. Women are bought and sold as chattel, and it would be no surprise if at least some of them lost their own identities. This book is aggressive and violent -- not for the faint of heart. If readers don't know what hardcore BDSM is all about, they'll find a quick summary here. (Aug., 256 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling