Image of Surrender Becomes Her


Image of Surrender Becomes Her

Busbee, a grand mistresses of the
genre, hasn't lost her passion for building suspenseful romances or creating captivating characters, sexual tension or enchanting plots. She just keeps giving readers what they desire. Busbee is
a gift, and each book a new, brightly wrapped present.

His father should have been the one who became Isabel Dunham's guardian, not young Marcus Sherbrook. The little hellion drove him insane, disrupting his thoughts and threatening his reputation as a true gentleman. But when 17-year-old Isabel eloped with an officer headed for India, he was furious.

Ten years later, widowed Isabel and her son return to England, and she again wreaks havoc on Marcus' life. Yet Marcus is intrigued by her, and when he discovers she's caught in a blackmailer's scheme, he claims they are betrothed. Instead of preventing scandal, they start one. Now Isabel must marry Marcus or be branded a jilt. As passion develops they get caught up in more than one treacherous scheme, and not only is her blackmailer a serious threat, but Marcus must find the means to save Isabel without betraying his country. (ZEBRA, Jul., 342 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin