Before she was viciously attacked by the serial killer known as "The Lancer," Gwen Marsh had been an exquisite young woman with a bright future. But since the night she survived a horribly brutal attack, she has been shunned by those she knew, even her fianc. Gwen seeks solace in charity work, especially with the orphans who love her no matter what.

Haunted by his wife's murder and obsessed with exposing The Lancer, Taylor Stafford comes seeking Gwen's help in trying to identity the ruthless Jack the Ripper-style killer. He will do anything he can to catch the madman who is stalking the privileged young women of London.

Though fearful of what Taylor asks her to do and wary of men, Gwen cannot help but be drawn to someone who understands her pain. As their relationship blossoms and she is forced to share Taylor's home, Gwen discovers that all men are not uncaring and heartless. For the first time since his wife's murder, Taylor feels desire, for this young woman who has suffered and survived.

Can their newfound love protect them from the danger that walks the shadowy streets until they find a way to see justice done and love triumphant?

Annee Cartier whisks you away into the foggy alleys of Victorian London with the skill of a truly masterful writer. She recreates the perfect atmosphere for this chiller murder mystery and then adds the dash of romance and sensuality that enhances the sense of danger. SURRENDER TO THE DAWN is a hypnotic tale. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin