Charles Dickens might just be thrilled to see Heath bring his Oliver Twist characters back to life and give them closure and happily-ever-after stories. Readers have taken this ingenious and unforgettable series to heart and, with its conclusion, they will sigh with happiness, yet feel bereft to see such good friends -- including Dickens himself -- say goodbye.

Along with Luke and Jack, Frannie Darling was lifted out of poverty and given a chance at a fine life. But she's forever drawn back to the rookeries. As Jack's bookkeeper she's safe from the world of the aristocracy she abhors and has the opportunity to rescue orphans.

Then she meets Sterling Mabry, the Eighth Earl of Greystone. She steals his heart as easily as she lifts his pocket watch, and the arrogant lord is determined to make her his. Sterling has no idea that Frannie desires him and the passion he represents. Yet as they fall in love, they are drawn into the darkness of the London underworld. That alone means danger, but Sterling hides a secret that puts them in even more peril. (AVON, Jul., 380 pp.. $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin