Image of Surrender The Heart (Surrender to Destiny)


Image of Surrender The Heart (Surrender to Destiny)

A new historical series, Surrender to Destiny, centers around the War of 1812. Tyndall brings new life to the old story of finding romance during war. Her characters are courageous, smart and believe in what they are fighting for.

Baltimore, Maryland, 1812. Marianne Denton is engaged to Noah Brenin, a ship captain she can’t stand to be around. She is only agreeing to the marriage help her sick mother and her sister. Noah himself does not intend to go through with this farce of a marriage; he would rather be on his ship getting the best of British. When his ship is captured, he learns Marianne is aboard. He has to find a way to free her and the ship. Marianne has learned some valuable information that would help the United States and she’ll have to keep her wits about her in order to get it into the right hands. (BARBOUR, Aug., 368 pp., $12.99)
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Patsy Glans