Image of The Surrender of Lady Jane


Image of The Surrender of Lady Jane

There’s plenty of sizzle in this Regency-set paranormal, and the heroine is a woman of depth, but the story suffers from uneven pacing. Additionally, the author seems more interested in digging into the background of the supporting characters rather than that of the hero.

As a young and injured sailor, Thomas Lynne was rescued by the faery queen Tatiana, to serve as her knight and sometimes lover. Now his queen has asked him to seduce the innocent Jane DeWitte, attendant to the very pregnant Duchess of Kent so the fae can gain entrance into Kensington Palace. Tatiana wants to take the infant, predicted to be the future Queen of England, and the one who will defeat the fae for all time. Thomas, ever her majesty’s servant, approaches his assignment with relish, as Lady Jane is easy on the eyes, but the seducer is himself seduced by Jane’s warm heart. Does he betray his queen — or his heart — to finish his assignment? (HEAT, Jul., 336 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper