Image of Surrender to Me (The Derrings)


Image of Surrender to Me (The Derrings)

Jordan's star is rising. With her delightful stories, wit and sensuality, she takes readers on a joyous ride to love with twists and turns that charm.

When her husband deserts her, Lady Astrid Derring barely survives the gossip and the lack of funds. When she hears he's in Scotland living under an assumed name and betrothed to an heiress, she heads for the Highlands, traveling a perilous road to reclaim her reputation.

First, her coach is attacked by brigands, and she's rescued by Griffin Shaw, who is wounded in the fight. They put up in an inn where Astrid, hiding under the bed, witnesses her husband's murder. Griffin spirits her away.

Raised in Texas, Griffin has come to find his Scots family, and bringing Astrid with him is not a problem -- or so he thinks. They face one perilous situation after another -- even meeting his grandfather leads to an attack -- but it's their newfound love that keeps them strong enough to overcome every obstacle. (Avon, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin