MacLean showcases
her knack for combining sensuality and emotion in
a breathtaking story about a bad boy and a straightlaced lady. Your heart will sing as love conquers all, while MacLean's vibrant love story will strike the perfect chords and make you cherish this book.

Lord Martin Langdon loves that his reputation makes good women run in the opposite direction. That's what makes him so eager to prove he can corrupt the incorruptible Evelyn Wheaton.

Evelyn doesn't know that Martin remembers pulling her from a frozen lake and saving her life when she was a child. She hasn't forgotten him, and she finds it difficult to believe that her hero relishes his scandalous reputation. He's not husband material, but there's something that draws her to him. As Martin begins pursuing Evelyn, he rebuilds his shattered life. He woos her not with flowers, but with sailing lessons that bring them together in a partnership that blossoms into deep respect and love. As the demons of the past struggle with the promise of a bright future, Martin and Evelyn learn to bury their pride and grab happiness. (Avon, Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin