Image of Surrender of a Siren: A Novel


Image of Surrender of a Siren: A Novel

Dare's second novel cements her place as
a "not to be missed" author. Her gift is for creating stories
that are filled with adventure, three-dimensional characters and exciting plots, yet she maintains the purest
form of romance. Dare is the siren
who lures you to surrender to her
delicious story.

After jilting her fiance, Sophia Hathaway flees London aboard Benedict Grayson's ship, posing as a prim governess. All Sophia wants is to sketch and paint, free from society's constraints and obligations. The unconventional miss is unprepared for the depth of emotion and wanton fantasies Gray ignites.

Now that he's a ship owner, Gray hopes he's left his reputation as a rogue behind, yet Sophia awakens feelings of both protectiveness and conquest. He'd love to seduce her into his bed, but how does a gentleman go about seduction? As they brave sharks, fire, storms and the vagaries of the sea, Sophia and Gray discover a powerful passion and deep love, but will the discovery of her charade destroy that love or help redeem a rake. (BALLANTINE, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin