The second volume in the Vaudry series centers upon Aislinn of Sevenoaks, whose greatest dream is to be properly wed. But when her four consecutive husbands perish on their wedding nights, Aislinn believes there is a curse at work and withdraws from the world.

Baron Desmond du Luc is following the King's command to wed Aislinn, who has come to be known as The Poison Flower.Desmond goes to do his duty, expecting to find an aging crone and a life of boredom. Yet, on the eve of his arrival, he discovers a hidden garden and a maiden that sets his blood on fire.

Desmond also learns that there is a treasure hidden within Sevenoaks walls, which hints at why Aislinn's husbands died. Desmond must teach her that she is not poisonous and that love can save them both.

Linda Lea Castle masterfully weaves threads of fate, greed and the elixir of love into a compelling knight's tale. She evokes all the senses to bring Aislinn and Desmond's vibrant world to life. This tale begs to be lingered over and savored by medieval fans. SEXY (Jun., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black