Karyn Monks debut novel, originally published in 1995, makes a return to shelves by popular demand. Readers who are fascinated by French history (and even those who are not) will be drawn into this exciting, pulse-pounding tale which is reminiscent of the Dickens classic A Tale of Two Cities.

Aristocrat Jacqueline Doucette is snatched from the guillotine by the man known as the Black Prince, savior of condemned French noblemen. Jacqueline has no idea what motives drive him to risk his life time and again, but she is determined that he will not rob her of the chance to seek her own vengeance against the villain who ruined her family.

Armand St. James helps those in need, yet remains aloof until he meets feisty, strong-willed Jacqueline. He cant keep his distance from her even when they reach safety in England. When she begs him to rescue her betrothed (a man she barely knows), promising Armand a passionate night in return, hes unable to resist. Again plunged into danger, Armand is trapped. Only Jacquelines bravery and a return to the horrors of France can save her savior and allow her to seek vengeance.

From the very first page, readers will be enthralled with this captivating, adventurous tale. Karyn Monk brings the horror, the passions, the courage and the romance of the era to readers with her spellbinding storytelling talents. This is a new author to watch. SENSUAL (Jan., 450 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin