Following The Pretender, Bradley reintroduces readers to the Royal Four, a band of elite spies who serve the Crown in secrecy. When David Calwell, Lord Greenleigh, jumps into the Thames to save a young woman, he ends up being rescued by Olivia Cheltenham.

Pushed into the river by her matchmaking mama, just so she could be rescued, compromised and married, Olivia quickly becomes Lady Greenleigh. Not that this is a bad thing; David is her idea of a Viking god and a perfect husband.

Olivia would be David's idea of perfection if she wasn't so nosy. While other wives care little about their husband's business, she eavesdrops and asks way too many questions, forcing David to occupy her in the bedroom to keep her out of his secret mission to hunt down the traitor known as the Chimera.

David's work, combined with a ball Olivia is hosting, a visit from the Prince Regent (who's already worked with the Liars and the Royal Four) and Olivia's plans to keep her husband tantalized in bed with a collection of "toys" known as the Rajah's rods, will captivate readers.

Bradley adds the optimal amount of exquisite passion to an exciting, suspenseful plot. Her sizzling love scenes are the spice, and her sense of humor is the sugar in this delicious mix. VERY SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin