Big applause to Burton
for successfully setting
up a rousing and timely premise that's a real roller-coaster
ride. Not only does this book set the stage for further exciting adventures,
it also delivers a great group of
characters that have plenty of room
for growth. Burton doesn't skimp on
the sizzling sex or romance either.
This book has it all!

Top action star Gina Bliss jumps at the chance to compete in a survival-type reality show against other survival specialists. Upon arriving at the tropical island setting and meeting the other "contestants" Gina starts to wonder if there's another agenda in place. Ostensibly, they will be broken into teams to hunt and eliminate "demons" while garnering points.

Their host is an older gentleman named Louis, and he seems like an eccentric millionaire. Louis' assistant, Derek Marks, on the other hand, seems like a cross between a drill sergeant and a real-life action hero. While undergoing "pre-show" training, Gina and her companions are loaded up with unusual laser weapons. An unexpected and deadly confrontation with something not quite human suddenly reveals that this is no game show but actually a real-life fight for survival.

(DELL, Jan., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith