Victoria Coleman, a college professor, breaks up with her boyfriend and moves to Washington. She falls for a series of different guys, thinking they are all Mr. Right. What she must learn during the course of these relationships is that Mr. Right is just a concept. She cannot take a piece of rough clay and shape him into a perfect man.

Victoria transforms from a doormat into a truly independent and confident woman. The novel should have been more fittingly titled "Becoming Ms. Right" as Victoria finds herself transformed by the end of the novel.

Ms. Teresa McClain-Watson takes on Bridget Jones's Diary territory and molds it into a Disappearing Acts for the millennium. Drawn into her escapades, the reader will identify with the main character as she makes her journey through the treacherous waters of romance. (Now available, 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Shamaine Henry