Image of The Survivor (Crime Scene: Houston)


Image of The Survivor (Crime Scene: Houston)

In this satisfying sequel to The Chase, Mills concludes the story of writer Kariss Walker and FBI special agent Tigo Martinez. Given the novel’s engaging characters and terrifying main story, one can forgive Kariss’ almost pathological recklessness — a trait that seems born not from her desire to uncover the truth but from the author’s need to get her into increasingly dangerous situations.

Psychologist Amy Garrett has given Kariss a challenge she can’t resist: fictionalizing the story of Amy’s harrowing, near-fatal childhood abduction in the hopes of solving the long-cold case. Everyone’s against it, especially Tigo, who once saved Kariss’ life and hates the idea of the woman he loves being in danger again. But worst of all, Amy’s attacker now realizes he must finish the job he started, whatever the cost. (ZONDERVAN, Mar., 352 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin