Impeccably plotted, with solid conflict and characters, this is a chilling story on many different levels. It also has heart and humor. This is one of McCall's best books ever.

Deborah Sanborn's life changed at the age of 6 -- when she "saw" her father's death. Since then, she's come to terms with her psychic gift and now lives alone in the Appalachian Mountains. She's rarely troubled by visions, until a plane crashes nearby and Deborah becomes aware of two survivors -- a young woman and a boy.

Reporting what she's seen brings Mike O'Ryan into her life; the missing child is his grandson, Johnny. A complete skeptic, Mike thinks Deborah is crazy, until they find Johnny -- and Molly Cifelli -- alive. But that's when things take a strange and dangerous turn. Johnny and Molly witnessed a murder before fleeing the scene of the crash -- and the killer is still close by, prepared to do anything to silence them. (MIRA, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer