With elements that will appeal to those who love urban fantasy, young adult, romance and even historical fiction, this is a paranormal tale completely unlike anything this reviewer has ever read before. Sadie shines as the first person narrator and her struggle to find a place to belong will resonate with readers. Havard's triumphant debut will leave readers hanging on each page, anxious for the next chapter of Sadie's story!

Sadie is a Survivor, a descendant from the original accused witches who fled the East coast during the Salem trials. Blessed with immortality as well as other supernatural skills, Sadie yearns to live normally amongst humans. So several years ago she left her extended family's isolated Montana compound, determined to find her way in the world alone. Despite the fact that her family told her it was impossible, Sadie has done her best to blend into the human world. But when Sadie encounters Mark Winter, another supernatural who threatens her family, she realizes that she must return home despite all of her misgivings. Sadie is surprised when her family elders instruct her to learn more about the Winters. But she never could have foreseen what her investigation uncovers; the Winters are everything Sadie has ever wanted to be. But with the good news comes the bad, and now the future of the world may rest on Sadie's shoulders. (CHAFIE PRESS, March 2011, pp. 300, $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard