Image of Susanna's Christmas Wish


Image of Susanna's Christmas Wish

Eicher brings family together around the holiday table in this heartwarming effort, showing how the season helps members from several generations love more fully and deeply. This novella will bring joy to anyone who appreciates reading about the Amish lifestyle.

Susanna knows the heartbreak of wanting a man she can’t have — Matthew, an Englisha man. But she’s chosen to be with Herman and stay within the Amish community, loyal to her family and the ordnung. However, before long Herman and the rest of the community begin to question her choices. Will Susanna ever be free from her past with Matthew? And will Susanna’s values and traditions stand in the way of her marriage to Herman? (HARVEST HOUSE, Sep., 144 pp., $10.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson