Perhaps not as sexy as some of Cresswell's other titles, this story
makes up for it with sexual tension -
and complexity of plot. The characters
are also exceedingly well matched,
and Liam's definitely a keeper.

Attorney Liam Raven has dealt with a lot since the disappearance of his father, multimillionaire Ron Raven: the revelation of Ron's bigamy, the subsequent media circus and its effect on his mother and sister. Then fate hands him a distraction in the form of high-profile client Chloe Hamilton, who's about to be charged with murdering her husband, a prominent politician, and she wants Liam to represent her.

He refuses initially but finds himself drawn to Chloe and wanting to find the real killer. But the two have a history, which makes things complicated. So does the discovery that there's a link between Chloe's recently deceased husband and Ron. (MIRA, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer