The broken engagement between Miami attorneys Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana is still a painful and bitter wound. For Gail there are also lasting repercussions, as she has recently discovered that shes pregnant.

One night, Gail unexpectedly runs into Anthony's teenage daughter Angela, who asks her for legal advice. Angela's boyfriend, Bobby Gonzales—whom Anthony disapproves ofis a suspect in the murder of Roger Cresswell, who was shot to death at a wild party held by Jack Pascoe. Bobby's alibi is an older man he spoke to at the party, a man Jack insists does not exist.

As fate would have it, Anthony is working this case as well. His old friend, Judge Nate Harris, is currently up for a federal judgeship, which would be jeopardized by the disclosure that he attended Pascoes party.

With the well-being of their clients on a collision course, Gail and Anthony are thrown together once more, as they try to uncover the true killer before anyone elses life is destroyed. Barbara Parker is back in great form—old wounds and divided loyalties make this book taut and intense reading. (May, 352 pp, $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith