Lorena Fortier takes a
job at the Miccosukee Florida Alligator Farm and Museum under false pretenses. Dire consequences threaten if she doesn't discover the truth she's searching
for and stop plans already put into motion—the plans of a killer. Not long after her arrival, danger, death and
mystery surround the small Indian
community, and tribal police officer Jesse Crane has his hands full trying
to stop a mysterious murderer from striking again. He suspects Lorena knows more than she's telling. Her secret, when finally disclosed, is straight
out of a horror/sci-fi movie. Now, racing against time, Jesse and Lorena team up
to stop any more deaths in Suspicious (4.5), by Heather Graham, a fast-paced plot laced with mystery and
horror. But it's the steamy love story
that keeps the reader enthralled to
the very end.

Reviewed by: 
Kari Thomas