SWALLOWBROOK’S WINTER BRIDE by Abigail Gordon (3): Several years ago, just before Dr. Nathan Gallagher left to work in Africa, Libby Hamilton confessed her love but he was in no position to start a relationship. Since then, she’s been married and widowed, and has become the senior partner at Swallowbrook’s medical practice. Now, Nathan is back in town, with his soon-to-be adopted godson in tow, and he wants to pick up where he and Libby left off. Nathan has always known he and Libby have chemistry, but the timing was never right. Now that the two doctors are going to be co-workers, will Libby allow their professional relationship transform into something personal? Although this story has weak character building and very little passion, the author’s vivid description of the environment makes Swallowbrook come alive for the reader. (HARLEQUIN, Dec., dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Nas Dean