Gawain Avenel hides the secret of his Scottish heritage behind his loyalty to King Edward. Deep in his heart he harbors passion for his homeland and the maiden he rescued years ago, the Scots rebel known as The Swan Maiden.

Using the power of an ancient legend and the name given her by a mysterious knight, Juliana Lindsey fights for her people. She plays upon the superstitions connected to the legendary swan maiden until she is captured by the hated kings men.

Gawain recognizes her and does his best to save her once more; this time by offering to marry her and return to Scotland for the king. Divided loyalties, their codes of honor and their enemies desire to test the growing love between them places Gawain and Juliana in constant danger.

With a touch of the myth and the magic of Scotland and her legends, Susan King crafts an entrancing tale. I was captivated by the beautiful legend and how the thread of the Swan Maiden connects throughout a fast-paced, action-packed and enthralling romance, made all the more romantic and magical by the addition of an ancient tale. SENSUAL (Jan., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin