Image of Swan for the Money (Meg Langslow, No 11)


Image of Swan for the Money (Meg Langslow, No 11)

The rose-show world has never been more entertaining. With colorful characters, a solid mystery and laugh-out-loud moments involving territorial swans and fainting goats, readers will have a rollicking good time with the new Meg Langslow mystery.

When Meg's parents decide to enter the rose-competition world, Meg ends up organizing the Caerphilly Garden Club's annual rose show. The coveted Black Swan trophy is up for grabs, and the competition will be fierce. Mrs. Winkleson, the wealthy widow and avid rose grower on whose estate the show will be held, is a difficult woman with many enemies -- some have questioned the treatment of her animals and the devious ways in which she's obtained her roses.

When Meg stumbles upon a dead body, she's sure it's Mrs. Winkleson, but a case of mistaken identity seems to have saved the old bat. Now Meg has to solve the mystery, keep the rose growers satisfied and deal with the pesky swans -- before the show is ruined for good! (MINOTAUR, Aug., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin