When Cree princess Swan Necklace is captured on the way to her wedding to Chippawa warrior Lean Elk, she is rescued from slavers by trapper James McLeod. The Hudson Bay Company has commisioned James to locate a new trading post in the Canadian frontier. He plans to escort Swan Necklace to her people before completing his mission.

Though promised to another, Swan Necklace falls in love with James, who saves her again after they are captured by the enemy. James finds himself hopelessly drawn to the courageous Indian maiden and defies tradition by fighting for the right to take her as his wife. Though James wins Swan Necklace's hand, he gains a powerful enemy in Lean Elk.

Peggy Hanchar takes readers from the city of Montreal to the glorious forests of North America, from battles to peaceful interludes as she paints a brilliantly colored portrait of early Native American and frontier life. Those who enjoy Norah Hess and Dorothy Garlock's wilderness adventure/romances will find SWAN NECKLACE a wondrous treat. SENSUAL (Sept., 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin