Image of The Swan Thieves: A Novel


Image of The Swan Thieves: A Novel

Kostova, author of The Historian, presents a second novel that's a captivating story. It's a tale of passion, obsessive young love, dying love and rekindled love that lures readers into the light and shadows of a masterpiece of creativity. Power and depth are added because the tale is told through various characters' voices, and the mystery unfolds through graceful prose that keeps readers on the edge
of their seats.

When a painting of Leda and the Swan is attacked at the National Gallery by well-known painter Robert Oliver, he is sent for psychiatrist evaluation to Dr. Andrew Marlowe, who's not only a gifted doctor but also an artist.

Marlowe's carefully orchestrated world is disrupted -- not by Robert, who refuses to speak, but by a collection of 200-year-old letters between a young woman and the artist who painted "Leda," George Thomas. As Marlowe strives to make sense of the crime, he tackles the mystery of "Leda," which leads to the women in Oliver's life and the identity of the woman he paints over and over. He travels to France to unearth information about Thomas and Beatrice, author of the letters, and discovers a scandal that rocked the Impressionist world. (LITTLE, BROWN, Jan., 576 pp., $26.99)

Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart