When Swan's Quarter Nursing Home residents introduce Ginna to Neal, they unwittingly set the stage for the two to get a second chance at love. More than a hundred years ago, Virginia and Channing were to marry, but the Civil War, family loyalty and duty divided them.

Now they can help the ghosts of the past find a love to cherish forever, as Ginna and Neal pass through the veils of time again and again until they find a way to fulfill their destiny.

Combining intriguing paranormal elements is Ms. Weyrich's forte and this is no exception. Beginning in 1861 as Virginia Swan and Channing McNeal prepare to wed, then sweeping to 1997 as Neal Frazier, recuperates from a plane crash and meets Ginna at Swan's Quarter sanitarium, Ms. Weyrich plunges readers into a tale that slips through time at a rapid pace. Readers willing to suspend their disbelief will find themselves drawn into the complicated story and wish Ms. Weyrich spent more time in the past than the confusing present. By bringing in elements of ghosts, reincarnation and the past and present existing simultaneously, she asks readers to accept a new dimension that some may have difficulty understanding within this highly original take on time travel. (Dec., 339 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin