Image of Swap


Image of Swap

Have a cold drink handy when you read this book, because the pages are scorching hot! Although the love scenes start off with a bang and occur frequently, this is a character-driven tale. Both couples not only explore their sexuality, they develop an awareness regarding their relationship and what they want from it. Some anal, same-sex and menage scenes are portrayed.

Lately, Mia has been restless with her lover Aiden. With her best friend moving out of the house, he has been pushing to move in. But Mia isn't sure she wants to take that next step. Jamie is leaving small-town life but will miss her lover Caleb and friend Mia. On her last weekend home, the two couples agree to swap, never imagining the consequences. Everyone has a hidden agenda for agreeing to the swap, but what happens when their deepest secrets are revealed? (HEAT, Sep., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart