At 17, Thea Garrett runs off with the man whom she believes loves her. But her elopement goes horribly wrong and Thea vows never to love again.

Now, living as a notorious outcast, Thea is still haunted by the past. When American Patrick Blackburne arrives in London to visit his mother who needs his help in exposing a blackmailer, Patrick encounters Thea. Though he initially thinks she is simply a hedonist, he is intrigued with her.

Against her better judgment, Thea begins falling in love with Patrick, yet her guilt over her past drives her away from him just as they are being pulled into the blackmailers murderous scheme.

With powerful, memorable characters and a classic plot, Ms. Busbee crafts another captivating romance for her longtime fans. Her hallmarks of adventure, passion, carefully motivated characters and new twists on classic plots are all here to savor by a grand mistress of the genre. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin