It was the rashest decision shed ever have to make, but it was imperative that Molly steal her husbands abused horse, Sonora Sunset, and take it to a horse trainer with a healing touch in central Oregon.

Rancher Jake Coulter is intrigued by the severely beaten horse and the young woman who turn up on the Lazy J. Ranch. He suspects the horse is stolen, but the fear in Mollys eyes makes him reluctantly agree to help.

Molly has lived through a hellish marriage, to say the least. Her husband Rodney had her committed to a mental institution and only the helpful intervention of a doctor gained Molly her current freedom. If Rodney finds Molly now, she could lose everything, including her life.

This romantic tale packs an emotional punch that is guaranteed to give her readers a marvelous experience. Catherine Anderson never disappoints. (Jan., 464 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith