Image of Sweet 16 to Life (Langdon Prep, No. 3)


Image of Sweet 16 to Life (Langdon Prep, No. 3)

Chanti just can’t help being a sleuth — it’s in her blood. Readers will love her friendship with MJ and Chanti’s fearlessness, which has her walking into situations where wise men would fear to tread. I just love this urban Nancy Drew!

When Chanti discovers a fire on MJ’s porch and spots a mysterious stranger watching, her detective antennae go up. Determined to find out what’s going on, Chanti’s also investigating what the characters from MJ’s shady past are up to — and dealing with her mom, who still won’t ‘fess up about her biological father (aka the sperm donor). (KTEEN/DAFINA, Feb., 256 pp., $9.95, ISBN: 9780758267429, PB, 12 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg