The fabulous talent of Marjorie Farrell shines in splendor as she makes a dazzling transition from Regency romance into the longer format of historical romance.

From their very first meeting as children, Lord Giles Whitton and Lady Clare Dysart seem destined to be together forever. His heart caught fast, Giles vows to court her gently and patiently.

However, the arrival of the charming Justin Rainsborough changes everything. Believing Giles only to care for her as an old friend, Clare marries Justin in full anticipation of a fairytale ending of her own.

Justin, however, has a problem. His obsessive jealousy, aggravated by alcohol, turns him into a monster who abuses his wife. One terrible night it becomes her life or his....

What will happen to Clare now? Even if she is not convicted of murder, is there any hope for her and Giles?

A brilliant writer of incomparable merit, Ms. Farrell mesmerizes us with her masterful characterization in this wonderfully crafted novel. After tying our hearts into a gordion knot, Ms. Farrell then soothes us with exquisite surcease for the soul as Giles and Clare experience the healing power of love. A treasure! (May, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer