Carina Shepherd is a feisty woman, determined to remain married to Quillan Shepherd despite the overwhelming oddshe is never home, she was nearly hanged by the townfolk only months before, and the sale papers for a home she recently purchased have turned out to be forged.

Needing to deal with his own demons, Quillan wants Carina to give up and leave him. She chooses to stay in Crystal, Colorado, and being the enterprising sort, finds something to do while Quillan is away. When he returns, however, he isnt at all pleased by the amount of attention his wife is receivingespecially from the man hired to run his mine. Still, it takes more than a little jealousy to get Quillan to realize how he truly feels about Carina, but it may be too late when he returns home. She may no longer want him as her husband.

SWEET BOUNDLESS is book two in the Diamond of the Rockies series. Though the hero is out of the picture more often than he is in, its still a moving and tender romance. Ms. Heitzmann graciously portrays realistic characters with strength and genuine heartache. (May, 400 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston