Diabolito Lindo is a town for the roughest and worst of men and the chosen parish of Preacher Jake Molloy, a man who remembers the depths a life can reach when ruled by alcohol. Jake has changed his life, but he understands those he's come to help.

Grace Molloy hasn't seen her foster brother, Jake, for many years, but she arrives in town unannounced with a baby, a casket she claims contains her husband's remains and the sure knowledge that her hero, Jake, will take care of her and Charity.

Jake can tell Grace is lying to him, but he gives her and the frightened child a home, telling the townfolk that she's his sister. He then watches the havoc a good-hearted woman can create in a town as lost to civilization as Diabloito Lindo. Unfortunately for Jake, much of the havoc is in his heart.

Ms. Wilson takes on the tough issue of alcoholism and abuse with the framework of a story abounding in love and humanity. The scruffy citizens of Diabolio Lindo will find their way straight into your heart. SWEET (Aug., 268 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce