Image of Sweet Deception: A Veiled Seduction Novel


Image of Sweet Deception: A Veiled Seduction Novel

The second Veiled Seduction novel is a chilling murder mystery that grabs reader attention from the very beginning. Snow’s intriguing, brilliant heroine is fascinated by investigation, justice and forensic science, and she’s up against a man who is more than he seems. Snow adds the spice of seduction to the thrill of the chase, leaving readers anticipating the surprising climax.

As a double agent for the French and the British, Lord Frederick “Derick” Aveline plans to retire after completing one last mission: exposing a traitor in his village in Derbyshire. He hasn’t been home in 10 years and certainly doesn’t expect to arrive at Aveline Castle in the middle of a murder investigation run by his childhood nemesis, Emma Wallingford, who has taken over as town magistrate. She certainly doesn’t want Derick poking his nose in her investigation, but she’s drawn to his intellect as well as his kisses. As they are pulled into three murders, surprising secrets and shocking truths are revealed — and everything they hold dear is in peril. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin