Caterer Amber Montgomery believes she's finally left her troubled past behind as she starts anew in Wayside, Oregon. But when a catered event turns into a free-for-all food fight, she is mistakenly arrested by Wayside's new police chief, Paul Evans; the two become instant adversaries. Paul's confident demeanor and police uniform remind Amber of the man who destroyed her life, but her opinion of him takes a left turn when she sees how devoted he is to his children. As they join forces at a church camp to help a troubled teen, Amber realizes she may have misjudged Paul. SWEET DEVOTION (3) has an engaging beginning and ending, though the many points of view are confusing at times. Felicia Mason does a good job touching on the sensitive issue of battered women. (Feb., 288 pp., $10.36)

Reviewed by: 
Vickie McDonough