Image of Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons)


Image of Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons)

Equal parts erotic romance and new adult, Laurens’ first in their new Wild Seasons series takes the best elements from both genres to create a crazy, hilarious and surprisingly realistic and touching adventure. Ansel is a caring, generous hero, Mia is a young woman attempting to figure out her life without completely losing herself in a new guy, and the chemistry between the two is incredible. The team behind Lauren completely blew this reviewer away with this story.

Mia Holland and her two best friends are off to Vegas to celebrate graduating college, and while Mia is all for having a good time, she’s ticked off by the group of noisy boys across the hall from their hotel room. When she asks gorgeous French lawyer Ansel Guillame to pipe down, she doesn’t expect it to lead to a one-night stand. But what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there for Mia, and pretty soon she’s flying across the globe to spend a summer in Paris with Ansel. Mia quickly learns it won’t be all fun and games, and pretty soon she’ll have to make some big decisions about her future. (GALLERY, Jun., 416 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna