Samona Gray is fighting for her life. Her ex-boyfriend, Roger, has died in a tragic accident and left her to take the rap for a robbery he committed. After Roger knocked her out, Samona awakened to find the store clerks dead body lying beside her. Although the police have yet to charge her with the crime, shes lost her teaching job, her friends and her life as she knew it, with no way of proving her innocence.

Despair is about to consume heruntil she meets handsome, caring, science fiction writer, Derrick Lawson. Not only is she attracted to him, but his friendship and support give her the hope that she may just have a future.

Derrick never imagined his job as an undercover cop would be so difficult. Hes determined to crack the case and discover where Samona and Roger had stashed the stolen jewels, as well as find the murder weapon they used to kill the store clerk. Though his attraction to Samona clouds his judgment, Derrick realizes she is no killer. But if Derrick goes after the real killers, hell blow his cover and probably lose Samona.

Ms. Perrin has written a compelling romance filled with enough intrigue, suspense and sensuality to please any reader. (Apr., 251 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson