Jesslyn Owens has finally put the past behind her and is flourishing in her gift basket business until she meets her partner's ex-husband and her life is sent reeling, threatening to destroy her hard-earned success. She's smitten by the sexy, dashing Palladin Rush, but not fooled - he's investigating her and a client's missing diskette, which has some heavy-duty nasty types on edge.

Ex-secret serviceman Palladin Rusah, code name: Glacier, is determined to prove the exotic, independent Jesslyn is the brains behind a ruthless game of espionage he and his ex-wife have been dragged into. Yet, as he spies on the lady, he becomes her latest "victim" as she holds his emotions hostage with her big doe brown eyes. Can he separate lie from truth, fact from fiction and capture Jesslyn's heart?

Viveca Carlysle has written a steamy, spellbinding love story that has definitely put her on the fast track to best-seller stardom. (Aug., 306 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Charyl Ferguson